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Ingredients: 500 grams calamari, medium onion, garlic, bouquet garni, white wine, salt, pepper 

Cupping each squid in the palm of your hand
Tug the tentacles
Downward, to release the intestines
From their purse of flesh. Sever
Below the eye (black bulge
Possibly wrathful); reserve
The entrails for your augurs.

Slippery star-speckled pockets of squid flesh!
Slice into rings; dice
The onion (should anyone ask
It’s why you weep), crush garlic,
Add thyme, rosemary, a bay
Leaf from the garden – white splash
Of retsina. Let it simmer.

Which give you an hour to forget
                       about cooking
And consider the positions of love-making,
Here in this volume of vases –
Slender phials with stoppers, bosomy jugs,
Wide-mouthed bowls (called kraters) painted
With satyrs, philandering maenads
And these flue-tootling Athenian women
Dressed in wines and sauces
And served up at banquets
In these antic clay vessels.

I heard Beverley Bie Brahic last week at Lauderdale House in London and this was my favourite poem in the reading. It can be found in an anthology called ‘Against Gravity’ at Worple Press , which has some other gems in it.


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